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First Responder Items

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Autism Awareness Kit Autism Awareness Kit
Don’t wait until an emergency occurs to realize you wish you’d been prepared! The caregiver guide, and the products included, will help you be proactive in meeting your first respon…
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Autism Interaction Kit Autism Interaction Kit
This kit was originally designed for first responders! Since many individuals with autism do not respond to teddy bears, these kits were designed to assist with communication and make interactio…
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Interaction Cards Interaction Cards
There interaction cards are invaluable when working with a person with autism or another disorder which limits verbal communication. Complete with guidelines on working with a person with autism, thes…
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LED Spinner Wand LED Spinner Wand
The LED spinner wand is a favorite! This unique item yields changing and engaging colors that spin at the press of a button. It makes a slight "whirring" noise and also vibrates! Great for d…
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Liquid Motion Toy Liquid Motion Toy
Liquid motion toys invite you to watch as the colored oil drips through the water. Turning the item one way has beads of color rolling down a series of ramps, while turning it the other way yields col…
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Chewy P or Q Chewy P or Q
Chewy P's and Q's are great for the individual who needs oral stimulation. These durable, non-toxic items (latex-free, lead-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free) are great for persons who put ev…
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Tangle Toy Jr. Tangle Toy Jr.
Tangle toys are a great fidget and manipulative toy. They can help keep fingers busy making unique shapes and designs. Contains small parts. Colors vary. Measures 7" long when stretched. Qty 1.…
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Fettuccine Ball Fettuccine Ball
These fettuccine balls are a big hit! Their slightly rubbery texture and fruity scent make them a delight to squeeze, stretch, and twirl. Colors vary. Measures approximately 5" in diameter. Qty 1…
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Molecule Ball Molecule Ball
These squishy balls, when squeezed, reveal smaller balls inside that ooze between the fingers. They are a great manipulative toy and enjoyed by many. Measures approximately 2.5" in diameter. Qty …
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Visual Tape Measure Visual Tape Measure
This isn't just any tape measure. This tape measure is translucent so one can see the winding mechanism release and recoil. In addition to the great visual aspect, this is a favorite among individ…
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Rapper Snapper Rapper Snapper
These corrugated tubes are like little accordians, stretching and compressing to make different shapes. The make a noise while they are manipulated. They can be attached to one another to make longer …
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Hand Clapper Hand Clapper
An old favorite, these hand clappers provide an easy distraction and a pleasing visual as they slap together to make noise. Colors vary. Measures 7.25" in length. Qty 1.…
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